Sportsbooks Beware! Merger to create #1 sports handicapping service in the country.

THE Vegas Sports Handicappers, a premier global sports handicapping company, announced today an agreement to purchase A1probets in a cash and stock transaction valued at 13x earnings. A1probets, a data analytics driven sports handicapping firm, is the preeminent sports handicapping service in the country.  Through their spokesman, THE Vegas Sports Handicappers released the following statement,  “In light of the Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that lifted the ban on sports betting, we knew we had to act fast.  Our team searched to find a handicapping firm that had proven results, a strong social media presence, and an overwhelming win rate (A1probets has a lifelong 58% win rate).  Proven analytics were also a MUST in a day and age where many so called “handicappers” are popping up with fake followers and embellished results. Our team went through a multi-tiered vetting process, and A1probets was the firm we found that checked all of the boxes.”

Christopher A. Paul, co-founder of A1probets, has been named as the new President of THE Vegas Sports Handicappers.  Mr. Paul commented, “We have had enormous success helping thousands of people cash in on their love of sports betting over the years.  When we were approached by THE Vegas Sports Handicappers, we immediately saw the huge potential they offered.  As we got to know their capital provider (a leader of a multiple billion dollar financial service company) we knew we were being given the opportunity to not only continue as one of the country’s top sports handicappers, but to also grow internationally as well. His knowledge and business experience will be invaluable as we expand our reach overseas.”

With sports handicapping packages available from as little as $69.99 up to a 100% money back guaranteed package for $2,499 there is something for any sports betting enthusiast.

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