How much should bet on each of our system plays?

Our winning percentage is typically over 58.3% annually.  For this reason, we always recommend that our clients bet the same units each bet. Usually, 1 single unit per system play. Most professional sports bettors wager between 1 and 5% of their bankroll. The percentage varies from bettor to bettor, the bottom line is that you should only be betting with money you can afford to lose.

What are some common betting mistakes made by our clients?

Risking more than a single unit on a game that the bettor really likes

  • One common mistake we watch our clients make time and again is betting more units on a game that they think is going to be a big winner. When that game they risked multiple units on ends up a loss, that client loses money even though we may have had a profitable night.
    • For example, say we send out 4 plays and end the night with 3 wins and 1 loss. For all of our clients betting the same amount on each game they profit on that nights picks. When one client bets more than 1 unit on the game that we lost that client ends up losing money, even though we had a profitable night for everyone else.

Letting our win streak or losses influence how much you bet

  • Too often we get on a heater of multiple winning days or weeks in a row and our clients get a trigger happy. Some clients see this as an opportunity to bet more money. BIG MISTAKE. Heaters will come and go. The worst scenario is being up a large profit and then betting more on a game only to lose it all. The same is true when our picks go cool for a time. This doesn’t mean stop betting or bet any less than you normally would!
  • We track all of our bets! When we give you percentages they are not made up! If you happen to get a losing night, stick with it because our percentage and system DOES WORK! Any handicapper out their that is telling you they are 70% and higher is flat out lying. Trust the system!
    • The bottom line is, if we have a win rate of over 57.5% annually and you bet every game the same… YOU WIN!

Bet on all the sports in your package

  • If you buy a package containing all sports then bet on all sports. Just because you don’t watch hockey doesn’t mean you can’t make money off of it! If we send out a card for the night with 3 different sports then take all the picks, otherwise your chance of cashing out is diminished.

Betting on your favorite team...

  • BE CAUTIOUS! This can be both a helpful tool and a tool that helps you lose money in a hurry. Our advice is simple, if you are an avid fan, of a team and you know them inside and out, then betting on them should be an advantage because you do the research naturally. If you are the fan that is only a fan on gameday then betting on your team can bring emotionally bias in that often leads to you paying your bookie at the end of the week.
    • For example, if you are an avid Steeler fan and you know their injury report, home and road tendencies, rush and pass tendencies, defensive strategy vs opposing offense, etc. You may have an advantage in placing bets on this game provided you are also familiar with the same stats of the opposing team.
    • Using the same example of a Steelers fan. This time you are a fan who only watch games on Sunday bet on their team to win or cover the spread using emotional bias and end up losing their money and hating their Sunday afternoon as well.